Hound & Bone serves artists and creatives of all disciplines to create art reproductions and print editions that are true representations of their original artworks.

While we’re a relaxed, friendly bunch, we take our craft – and yours – very seriously. We believe in the integrity and practicality of our process, and in how it can benefit your practice when it’s done just right.

Being connected to local and wider creative communities is intrinsic to our business. Whenever possible, Hound & Bone sponsors various types of exhibitions and industry events. We also love to collaborate and partner with like-minded niche businesses, to foster vibrant ideas and innovative projects, and keep us all inspired to keep pushing our creative boundaries.

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About Us • Hound & Bone Studio


Peter’s visual art practice, as a painter and illustrator, serves him well to understand Hound & Bone Studio’s clients’ needs and goals. Ten years’ experience in fine art printing underscores his eagle eye for detail: he and the Epsons make a formidable team. Focused as he is, Peter’s super-friendly demeanour means he’s always happy to share knowledge on all things art-related.


Cassie comes from a film theory and arts management background, which gives her a good understanding of the ins and outs of running a creative practice as a small business. A born organiser and extreme perfectionist (you’ll thank her for it!), Cassie is generous with her attentive time and practical nous – both with clients at Hound & Bone and whenever she can get involved within the wider art & design community.


Bonnie’s own illustration practice and trained graphic design skills allow her to lend an expert hand to every aspect of Hound & Bone. Going above and beyond in everything she does, Bonnie picks up errors that are naked to most other human eyes and her quality control is impeccable – basically, she’s our not-so-secret weapon.


Dash’s pep talks keep our eyes on the prize.

Studio production hours:
By appointment Tuesday to Saturday
(Closed Sunday & Monday)