Sustainability at Hound & Bone

We care about sustainability, and we do our utmost to minimise our business’s ecological footprint.

Short-run printing is much more efficient than offset or large-run. We purposely have no minimums, so you only print what you need.

We’re a paperless office – yes, we get the irony – so we hope you’ll consider a PDF when requesting a hardcopy invoice. Our colour-calibrated monitors are extremely accurate, greatly minimising the need to proof-check.

Our pigment ink is responsibly recycled and our custom packaging materials are made from post-consumer waste. Tubes and print boxes are perfectly reusable and we also use biodegradable protective packaging.


Waste Not, Want Not

We donate all our print off-cuts to Dodgy Paper, who create beautiful handmade artist papers. We’re exceptionally proud of this innovative collaboration, not least because our recycling bin is basically empty at the end of every week.

The papers we carry are some of the eco-friendliest inkjet papers out there. Unfortunately, 100% recycled content archival inkjet papers are no longer in production, but Hahnemühle Bamboo and Awagami Bamboo are two excellent sustainable choices. Bamboo has a lighter footprint than cotton or wood-pulp papers, requiring far less land and water to harvest. Awagami Bamboo is 70% bamboo and 30% recycled washi – about as sustainable as inkjet-compatible fine art paper comes. Read more in our Paper Guide.

Sustainability • Hound & Bone Studio

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