Art reproduction is our specialty. The endgame is a print-ready file with remarkable fidelity to the original artwork. More than retouching, the process is a finely tuned skill acquired by extensive experience with specialist equipment. It’s practised with eyes acutely trained on detail, and a whole lot of patience.

Our 25×18 inch flatbed scanner is extraordinary. Seriously, the bees knees. Quite a rare piece of equipment around town, it’s specially designed for museums and archives, and has some brilliant capabilities.

We’re really proud to have it in our arsenal. We can scan flat (with diffused lighting) or in 3D, capturing visible surface texture. This enables us to reproduce otherwise tricky media, including canvases and works with variable textures and reflective qualities.

Full service art reproduction

To get started, you can either book an appointment to bring in your artwork – we like to kick things off by having a chat to you about your practice and what you’re wanting to achieve from the art reproduction process.

Alternatively, you can mail your artwork to us. You’ll need to package it up securely and post it to us, and we’ll let you know when the artwork has arrived. When the scans are done, we’ll post your work back to you. 

Turnaround times

Full service art reproductions usually take between 5 and 14 business days. Ultimately, the complexity and volume of your job is the determining factor, so send us an email with the details and we’ll happily provide you with an ETA.


Familiar with retouching and print preparation already?

If you can do your own retouching, or if you don’t intend to make prints (but want to digitise your work for archival purposes), you could opt for our raw scanning service.

Full service art reproduction: Prices

The works. Following scanning, complete colour and tone balancing, retouching and clean up, you will receive:

  • A colour balanced, retouched master file at 1:1 size
  • Your raw scan (no edits)
  • A print-ready file library, with files setup in sizes of your choice
  • Creation of web-ready JPEGs for social media and websites
  • One A4 test print on any paper of your choice

148 x 210 (A5)$25.00$30.00
210 x 297 (A4)$40.00$45.00
297 x 420 (A3)$55.00$60.00
420 x 594 (A2)$85.00$95.00
594 x 841 (A1)$120.00$130.00

Note: artworks larger than A2 are scanned in sections and digitally stitched together. This is included in the art reproduction price, above.

Studio production hours:
By appointment Tuesday to Saturday
(Closed Sunday & Monday)