Changes to scanning services (COVID19 update)

All scanning services (both raw scanning and full service art reproductions) are unavailable until further notice. Thank you for your understanding, and stay safe!

Art reproduction is our specialty. The endgame is a print-ready file with remarkable fidelity to the original artwork. More than retouching, the process is a finely tuned skill acquired by extensive experience with specialist equipment. It’s practised with eyes acutely trained on detail, and a whole lot of patience.

Our 25×18 inch flatbed scanner is extraordinary. Seriously, the bees knees. Quite a rare piece of equipment around town, it’s specially designed for museums and archives, and has some brilliant capabilities.

We’re really proud to have it in our arsenal. We can scan flat (with diffused lighting) or in 3D, capturing visible surface texture. This enables us to reproduce otherwise tricky media, including canvases and works with variable textures and reflective qualities.

Full service art reproduction

To get started, you can either send us an email or give us a call – we’ll have a chat to you about the pieces you’d like scanned and what you’re wanting to achieve from the art reproduction process. We’ll then arrange a time for you to drop your artworks off at the studio.

Alternatively, you can mail your artwork to us. You’ll need to package it up securely and post it to us, and we’ll let you know when the artwork has arrived. When the scans are done, we’ll post your work back to you. 

Turnaround times

Full service art reproductions usually take between 5 and 14 business days. Ultimately, the complexity and volume of your job is the determining factor, but we’ll be able to give you an ETA once we’ve met with you.

Maximum sizes for mounted works

If your artwork is on stretched canvas or is created on/mounted to a rigid material, the maximum size we can scan is 25 x 18.5″ (635 x 470 mm). Mounted artworks in excess of these dimensions should be professionally photographed – we’re happy to share our photographer recommendations with you on request.

Full service art reproduction: Prices

The works. Leave the entire process up to us, from start to finish. If you want to achieve the best possible print result, this is the way to go.

Following scanning, clean up, detailed retouching and colour balancing, you’ll receive:

  • A print-ready master file at 1:1 size
  • Your raw scan (no edits)
  • One A4 test print on a fine art paper of your choice.

Artworks larger than A2 are scanned in sections – prices includes multiple scanner passes and digital compositing.

Size (approx)600ppi (resolution)1200ppi (resolution)

Artwork scanning: Raw scanning

If you can do your own retouching, or don’t intend to make prints but still need to digitise your artwork, a raw scan is a great option. We scan the artworks and provide you with raw files. It’s also handy if you don’t intend to make prints, but simply want to digitise your work for archival or web purposes.

Raw scans will require retouching and clean-up, if you do intend to make prints. For the best possible results, our art reproduction service (above) takes care of all the tricky business, from colour-balancing to fine-grain retouching.

Raw Scanning turnaround times

Raw scans are super quick as there isn’t any retouching work to be done. Most often we can complete them same-day or next business day, depending on the volume of artworks you require scanning. We’ll be able to give you an ETA once we’ve met with you.

Raw scanning: Prices

Artworks larger than A2 are scanned in sections – our price includes the required multiple scanner passes and basic digital compositing.

Size (approx)600ppi (resolution)1200ppi (resolution)

Retouching services

$100.00 per hour, charged in quarter-hour increments.
Minimum charge: $25.00 (15 minutes).

Our retouching services are available for files that have been scanned by us, by you or other printing services. We can remove dust/scratch from scans, colour balance film scans, strip out background tone/texture from artwork scans, fix imperfections in digital files, perform file compositing, conserve old photographs (repair tears, folds, stains and imperfections, and restore damaged/aged elements) – and more.

Contact us to arrange a time for you to bring in your files – we can have a chat about what you’re hoping to achieve, and explain the process, time frame and cost.

Artwork scanning - raw scanning • Hound & Bone Studio

Artworks: ‘Shaking Heads‘ and ‘Embrace the Beast‘ by Astrid Mulder