Artwork Scanning:

Artwork Reproduction and Raw Scanning

If you plan to make prints from an original artwork, it’s essential to start with an outstanding file.

Art reproduction is our specialty. More than retouching, the process is a finely tuned skill acquired by extensive experience with specialist equipment and an expert understanding of colour management practices. It’s practised with eyes acutely trained on detail, and a whole lot of patience. The endgame is a print-ready file with remarkable fidelity to the original artwork. 

If you can do your own retouching, we also offer a raw scanning service. We’ll scan your artwork and provide you with an un-edited, high resolution file. Raw scans need retouching and clean-up if you intend to make prints. For the best print outcome, we recommend our art reproduction service. 

Maximum sizes for mounted works

If your artwork is on stretched canvas or is created on/mounted to a rigid material, the maximum size we can scan is 25 x 18.5″ (635 x 470 mm). Mounted artworks in excess of these dimensions should be professionally photographed – we’re happy to share our photographer recommendations with you on request.

About Art Reproduction • Hound & Bone Studio

Artwork: Embrace the Beast by Astrid Mulder.

Artwork Reproduction

Our artwork reproduction service is a complete service that includes scanning, detailed retouching, colour balancing, and a printed proof. If you want to achieve the best possible print result, this is the way to go. You’ll receive a print-ready master file, and an A4 proof on a fine art paper of your choice.

Artworks larger than A2 are scanned in sections – our pricing includes the required multiple scanner passes and detailed digital compositing.

Size (approx)600ppi (resolution)1200ppi (resolution)
A4 and under$55.00$60.00

Revisions will attract additional fees.


Artwork Reproduction turnaround times

The complexity and volume of your job is the determining factor, but we’ll be able to give you an ETA once we’ve discussed your project.

Booking an Artwork Reproduction

We operate a queue for our Artwork Reproduction service, meaning that we work on jobs in the order they come to us. We’ll ask you to fill out a form with information about the artwork/s you want to have reproduced, and arrange a time for you to bring your artwork to the studio once we have availability for your job. A queue based system allows us to give every job our undivided attention, and ensures we don’t have lots of original artworks in the studio at any one time, or for a long time (which is best practice in terms of safe artwork storage).

Raw scanning

If you can do your own retouching, or don’t intend to make prints but still need to digitise your artwork, a raw scan is a great option. It’s also handy if you don’t intend to make prints, but simply want to digitise your work for archival or web purposes.

Artworks larger than A2 are scanned in sections – our pricing includes the required multiple scanner passes and basic digital compositing.

Size (approx)600ppi (resolution)1200ppi (resolution)

Raw Scanning turnaround times

Raw scans are super quick as there isn’t any retouching work to be done. Most often we can complete them same-day or next business day, depending on the volume of artworks you require scanning.

Raw files and colour

Raw scan files will be unedited, supplied straight off our scanner. They will need editing and colour balancing if you intend to produce prints. Because raw scans are not colour balanced by Hound & Bone, we cannot guarantee they will perfectly match your original artwork when printed. Where colour fidelity is critical, we suggest opting for our Artwork Reproduction service.