Our retouching services are available for files that have been scanned by us, by you or other printing services. We can also repair old photographs, or prepare your film scans for print.

Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation and bring in your files so we can have a chat about what you’re hoping to achieve, and explain the process, time frame and cost.

Below are some examples of what we offer – if you’re after something else that isn’t listed, please contact us with further details and we’ll see how we can help!

Retouching • Hound & Bone Studio

Retouching Services

$100.00 per hour, charged in quarter-hour increments.
Minimum charge: $25.00 (15 minutes).


Retouching & Image Restoration

Including, but not limited to:
Remove dust and scratch spots, repair tears, folds, stains and imperfections, ‘cosmetic retouching’: restoration of damaged/aged elements to the best of our ability, which may involve cloning/montaging.

Print Preparation

Including, but not limited to:
Remove dust and scratch spots, colour balancing for film scans, strip out background texture, make output adjustments, fix imperfections in digital files, perform multi-part file stitching.

File Set-up/Layout

An economical option if you have 5+ files that require file set-up (sizing to your desired print size, and/or border additions). Less than five files are charged at $4.40 per file.

Studio production hours:
By appointment Tuesday to Saturday
(Closed Sunday & Monday)