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Our studio is run on an appointment-only basis.

To book an appointment, contact us by phone, text, or email (you can also use the contact form below) and we’ll send you a link to our calendar.

Working by appointment gives us the ability to plan our workdays and ensure we can meet everyone’s deadlines. Even if you’re just picking up a print or dropping by to say hello, please let us know ahead of time. We’re a very small but very busy studio and we run a tight ship!

Studio production hours:
9.30am – 5.30pm Tuesday to Saturday
(closed Sundays & Mondays)

Address: 696 Sydney Road, Brunswick, 3056 Victoria
Tel: 0432 974 138

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Why do you work by appointment?

Meeting our clients is an important part of how we work. One-on-one meetings give us time to learn about you and your work, and for you to learn about how we work. This helps us create fine art prints or art reproductions that are a true extension of your artistic practice. We are also a very busy little studio (emphasis on little: there is just three of us and one room!) and planning is critical to our workflow.

We love meeting our clients but need to set aside the adequate time to do so. If you arrive without notice, not only will we have limited time to chat but it may also delay our print schedule. So that we can give you the time you and your work deserve, please contact us ahead of time either by phone (0432 974 138) or email.

Get in contact via email

If you have any questions of any nature or would like a quote for a particular job, let us know! We’re always more than happy to help. If you’re seeking a quote, the following information would be helpful:

  • The size of the print/s (including borders)
  • The original medium of your work (painting, illustration, photography etc)
  • Whether you will require scanning

Please note: any links sent in the form will be scrambled as an anti-spam measure. If you need to send links, best to email us directly.

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