Print packaging is available as an add-on to print orders.

Our options are environmentally friendly, sturdy and attractive – the trifecta. The materials are white label to be a perfect blank canvas for your own branding.

Print packaging • Hound & Bone Studio

Backing boards

  • 100% recycled acid-free backing board
  • Provide the necessary support for presenting, mailing and storing prints
  • Fit perfectly within our polypropylene sleeves
148 x 210A5$0.50
210 x 297A4$0.70
297 x 420A3$1.20
420 x 594A2$3.00

Archival sleeves

  • Super-strong, acid-free, clear polypropylene
  • Resealable bag-side adhesive prevents prints from sticking to the adhesive when removed from the sleeve (as can happen with adhesive tabs – too many prints have been ruined this way)
  • Tip! All Hound & Bone prints come with a complimentary sleeve or archival sheeting (depending on print size)
110 x 160A6, 4 x 6"$0.50
135 × 1855 x 7"$0.50
155 x 230A5$0.50
215 x 305A4$0.75
287 x 35811 x 14"0.90
305 x 430A3$1.00
312 x 40812 x 16"1.00
430 x 600A2$1.30

Mailing tubes

  • Super-strong, unbranded kraft mailing tubes
  • Basically indestructible
Size (mm)FitsPrice
630 x 90A2$5.00
800 x 90A1$7.00
870 x 154A1+$12.00
1220 x 154A0$15.00

Mailer boxes

  • Safer and sturdier than rigid envelopes
  • Fold down to a variety of sizes, suitable for mailing both large and small volumes of prints
  • Made from 60% – 90% recycled materials, with the remaining small portion of materials being sustainably sourced. 100% recyclable, containing no plastic – they seal with a simple adhesive (no tape required).
307 x 220A4$3.50
450 x 330A3$4.50
604 x 430A2$5.50

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