Fine art printing file set-up guide

Fine art printing is a little different to most types of printing so we’ve put together some handy information to get you started.

The layout possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to fine art printing. Even though the large format printing process isn’t designed for full bleed printing on pre-cut sheets, we can still produce borderless/full bleed prints. To do this, we print from a roll and hand trim your prints to your desired specifications.


File set-up fees (and how to avoid them)

Getting your files ready for print requires a few basic steps, though we’re always happy to prepare your files for you for a small fee. We charge $4.00 per image, or $80 per hour for large volume orders. If you’re keen to save some coin, we’ve provided some tools & tips to help you to do it yourself.

Fine art printing file set-up guide and FAQ • Hound & Bone Fine Art Printers

File set-up checklist

  • Images are sized to your final print size
  • Your files have a resolution of 300ppi or higher at final print size
    • NB: We recommend printing no lower than 210ppi at final print size
  • If you’d like a border, please include it within the canvas size
  • Files are in TIF, JPEG or PSD/Photoshop document format
  • Your files are either 8 bit or 16 bit
  • Images are in the RGB colour space
  • The file has no cropmarks or registration.

Sending files

Print files can be sent to our WeTransfer or Dropbox instead – or any other hosting service of your choice (just be sure to send us the link!) You can also use our online order form.
Please don’t send files embedded in emails or as email attachments – if so, we’ll ask you to resubmit them using one of the above methods.

File set-up templates

If you’re familiar with Photoshop, you can use our templates to ensure your image is within the printable area for sheet prints. You can set up your files to our maximum printable area, or opt for an even 15mm border.

Download file setup templates

Want to print full bleed?

No problem! Full bleed prints/prints with minimal borders are produced from a roll. To achieve your desired finish, we hand trim the print down to final size. Note that this will change the size of the media and therefore your print cost.

What to avoid

Upscaling (increasing resolution)

Upscaling (increasing the resolution of an image) degrades the image quality. What this does is create more pixels, which in turn decreases the sharpness and detail. We recommend keeping the image at its native resolution – printing at a lower resolution often produces better results than printing an upscaled file.


If there is overbleed set up in your files,  we’ll need to crop it off before we go to print (which will attract a set-up fee). We don’t use overbleed because we don’t like to trim through an inked area – this can leave a messy edge.

Crop marks

We don’t use crop marks because we don’t work with overbleed in fine art printing. Please leave crop marks out, and if need be we’ll add a stroke around your image as a trimming guide (this will be trimmed off the final print).

PDF files

PDF‘s are troublesome for our print output purposes.We output all files through Photoshop, and PDF‘s are notoriously buggy when managed through Photoshop – the colours are often untrue to the original source file which is definitely not what we want! They can also be lossy with font/pattern/texture elements.

RAW files

While we can work with RAW formats, there are many number of variables that can affect print output. We prefer TIFF, PSD or high res JPEG formats.