Fine art printing is also known as archival pigment printing
(and less and less commonly as ‘giclée’). It’s the process of inkjet printing on fine art papers to produce archival, museum-grade prints. For colour accuracy, fine art printing is where it’s at. As an 11-colour process, it leaves CMYK with its four colours in the dust.

There’s an art to it. The materials, the equipment and the know-how of the printer (person) make all the difference to the quality of the finished product. As does the file provided by you, so, if you’re not familiar with file preparation for print, we can always help you with a quick consultation or through our art reproduction service.

Fine Art Printing • Hound & Bone Studio

Artwork: ‘Fifty Minutes‘ by Indigo O’Rourke (printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm)

Fine Art Printing

We keep our pricing as simple as possible. All paper types cost the same, and tiling of multiple images (for roll printing) is complimentary, as is trimming.

We have a comprehensive price list of our most popular print sizes here. However, this is just a guide – we run a 44″ large format printer and stock media in lots of different sizes, so we can make prints to (almost!) any size you’d like. We also offer volume discounts if you’re printing a full edition – further details here.

File set-up is $4.40 per file (or for larger order, $25 per 15 minutes as per our hourly rates). To DIY, check out our file set-up guide.

Print Sizes – Sheet or Roll?

Anything printed on a sheet (A5-A2) must be within our printable area margins, so if an image is larger than that, or if you want a custom size or a full-bleed finish, we’ll print from a roll.

If you want to throw convention to the wind, roll printing allows you to print any size up to 44 inches wide. All roll prints are perfectly hand-trimmed to final size at no cost.

Deckling by hand is also possible, as well as a number of other print finishes.

Test Printing

$8.00 per A4.

Test printing is easy, affordable and will ensure you’re totally happy with the finished product. Test printing, or ‘proofing’ is designed to check colour fidelity and resolution, to show you what our printing method can produce, try out different paper types, and for testing troublesome files before moving ahead with the final print.

Test prints are produced on offcuts of paper, or paper with small imperfections. These minor paper flaws do not affect the print quality, and allow us to offer a heavily discounted price.

We suggest test printing, if:

  • you’re new to fine art printing or if this is your first time working with us
  • you’re considering ordering a very large print or a large volume of prints
  • you’re editing files on a monitor that isn’t colour-calibrated and are concerned about how colour or resolution will translate to print (and you can’t make it to the studio to check out your files on our monitors)
  • if your artwork has high chroma colours, neons, or areas of dark shadow detail.

Preparing for a test print:

To check colour, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc., scale the entire image onto the printable area of an A4 sheet.

To check resolution and detail, set up the file to print at the final intended size. Then select an area of the artwork, containing either a lot of key detail or the focal point, and crop to that area. Make sure it fits onto A4. We can also suggest an area and crop it in-house.

Ordering a test print:

Please get in touch by email to arrange a test print. We’ll chat with you about paper, and determine the most effective method of approaching your proofs – for example, we may sample sections of your work and print test strips (we can set this up for you).

Test prints are only available for files we have not printed before, and quantity limits apply.

Studio production hours:
By appointment Tuesday to Saturday
(Closed Sunday & Monday)