Fine art printing is also known as archival pigment printing (and less and less commonly as ‘giclée’). It’s the process of inkjet printing on fine art papers to produce archival, museum-grade prints. For colour accuracy, fine art printing is where it’s at. As an 11-colour process, it leaves CMYK with its four colours in the dust.

There’s an art to it. The materials, the equipment and the know-how of the printer (person) make all the difference to the quality of the finished product. As does the file provided by you, so, if you’re not familiar with file preparation for print, we can always help you through our art reproduction service.

Fine Art Printing • Hound & Bone Studio

Artwork: ‘Fifty Minutes‘ by Indigo O’Rourke (printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm)

Fine Art Printing – Prices

We keep our pricing as simple as possible. All paper types cost the same, and all prints are perfectly hand-trimmed to final size at no additional cost.

Prints sized A3 and smaller are sleeved in an archival polypropylene sleeve; larger prints are rolled in archival film.

File set-up is $4.40 per file for simple layouts (resizing and border additions). For larger orders or more complicated requirements, it is $25 per 15 minutes as per our hourly rates. If you’d like to DIY, we’ve put together a guide with all the tips & tricks.

We can print one copy, a full edition edition, or we can print on demand for artists who do not want the hassle (or expense!) of managing inventory.

We offer the following discounts for edition printing:

  • 5 – 9 prints from the same file: 5% discount
  • 10 – 14 prints from the same file: 10% discount
  • 15 – 25 prints from the same file: 15% discount
  • 25 + prints from the same file: by quote.


Minimum order cost

Our minimum order cost is the equivalent of an A4 ($16.00). We can of course produce smaller prints/orders (such as one A5), but our minimum order cost will apply.

The below sizes and their corresponding prices refer to the final print size including any handling margin/border you might like. Treat these sizes as a guide – we run a 44″ large format printer and stock media in lots of different sizes, so we can make prints to (almost!) any size you’d like. All roll prints are perfectly hand-trimmed to final size at no cost.

SizeSize (mm)Print price (ea)
A5210 x 148.58.00*
A4210 x 297$16.00
A3297 x 420$32.00
A2420 x 594$58.00
A1594 x 841$110.00
A0841 x 1189$250.00

Note: A5’s have a minimum order quantity of two for this price to apply. Single A5’s are charged at A4 price ($16.00).

* An asterisk denotes that an order quantity of two is required for this price to apply.
Single prints will be charged at minimum order value ($16.00)

Size (in")Size (mm)Print price (ea)
4 x 6 *101 x 152$8.00 *
5 x 7 *127 x 177$8.00 *
6 x 8 *152 x 203$8.00*
8 x 10203 x 254$16.00
8 x 12203 x 305$23.10
10 x 12254 x 305$28.60
10 x 13254 x 330$28.60
11 x 14280 x 356$30.80
12 x 14305 x 356$34.10
12 x 16305 x 406$34.10
12 x 18305 x 457$43.40
14 x 18356 x 457$50.40
14 x 20356 x 508$50.40
16 x 20406 x 508$56.10
16 x 22406 x 559$57.40
18 x 24457 x 610$64.40
B2500 x 700$98.00
20 x 24508 x 610$71.40
20 x 30508 x 762$107.80
22 x 28559 x 711$100.80
24 x 28610 x 711$100.80
24 x 34610 x 864$121.80
24 x 36610 x 914$128.80
26 x 34660 x 864$151.80
B1700 x 1000$161.00
28 x 32711 x 813$165.60
32 x 36813 x 914$188.60
32 x 40813 x 1015$188.60
B01000 x 1414$326.60
Size (in")Size (mm)Print price (ea)
8 x 8203 x 203$16.00
10 x 10254 x 254$28.60
12 x 12305 x 305$34.10
14 x 14356 x 356$39.60
16 x 16406 x 406$45.10
20 x 20508 x 508$71.40
24 x 24610 x 610$85.40
32 x 32813 x 813$188.60
Size (in")Size (mm)Print price (ea)
10 x 20254 x 508$36.40
8 x 24203 x 610$29.40
10 x 24254 x 610$36.40
12 x 24305 x 610$43.40
14 x 24356 x 610$50.40
14 x 30356 x 762$82.80
12 x 36305 x 914$71.30
16 x 36406 x 914$94.30

We can print on media up to 44 inches (111.7cm) wide,  so we can make prints to (almost!) any size you’d like.

Print cost is determined by linear centimetre. To calculate your print price, multiply the length of the print in centimetres (inc. border) by the ‘per cm’ price, tabled below.

Roll widthPrice (per cm)Min. length
17" (431mm)$1.1020cm ($22.00)
24" (609mm)$1.4020cm ($28.00)
44" (1117mm)$2.3020cm ($46.00)

a 50 x 70cm print will use 70cm of paper (the 50cm measurement fits within the fixed roll width of 609mm/24” ). Print price calculation: 70 x $1.40 = $98.00

Maximum Printable widths:

  • The maximum printable width of a 17” roll is 42cm (16.5”)
  • The maximum printable width of a 24” roll is 60cm (23.5”)
  • The maximum printable width of a 44” roll is 110cm (43.3”)

Our equipment

Our workhorses are Epson large format printers: a 44” 9900 and a 24” 7070. They’re managed by Serendipity Megarip, a high-level colour management system that ensures consistency and colour fidelity. Both of our Epson printers take Ultrachrome K3 inks: pigment inks capable of producing the widest tonal range in digital printing. Our ICC profiles are created by Les Walkling, Australia’s leading colour management expert. We use calibrated Eizo monitors, state of the art display monitors for photography, post-production and graphics.

With these assets (and considerable experience harnessing them), we can produce truly exceptional fine art prints.

Fine Art Paper Range

We use a select range of fine art papers from Hahnemühle and Canson –  both companies are renowned for their high-end archival fine art papers.

Matte, smooth fine art paper

Canson Rag Photographique 310gsm

Suits: High contrast images, portrait photography, artworks with a great amount of detail and linework.  A high D-Max makes it ideal for images with deep black tones.
Substrate: 100% cotton
Optical brighteners: No
White tone: Bright

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm

Suits: A great all-rounder, but particularly well suited to bold, bright artworks/photographs.
Substrate: 100% Cotton
Optical brighteners: Yes
White tone: Bright

Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm

Suits:  Artworks with earthier/neutral palettes, and black and white artworks and photographs.  Substrate: 90% Bamboo, 10% Cotton
Optical brighteners: No
White tone: Warm

Semi-gloss (lustre) fine art paper

Canson Platine Fibre Rag 310gsm

Suits: photographic works wanting to achieve a traditional darkroom look and feel from a digital print.
Substrate: 100% Cotton
Optical brighteners: no
White tone: bright white

Matte, textured fine art paper

Canson Printmaking Rag 310gsm

Suits: Illustrative works, watercolour works and detailed ink/graphite drawings – it’s linen-like texture won’t interrupt fine detail.
Substrate: 100% Cotton
Optical brighteners: No
White tone: Bright white

Hahnemühle Torchon 285gsm

Suits: Reproductions of oil, watercolour and pastel paintings, and a wonderful wild card for vector artworks or artworks with lots of bright block colour.

Substrate: 100% a-Cellulose (wood pulp)
Optical brighteners: Yes
White tone: Bright

Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm

Suits: Illustrative and watercolour works – very similar to traditional watercolour paper.
Substrate: 100% a-Cellulose (wood pulp)
Optical brighteners: No
White tone: Bright

Canson Aquarelle 310gsm

The inkjet-compatible version of the world’s most popular watercolour paper. Aquarelle is a mould-made, cold-press paper with a pronounced and consistent surface texture typical of traditional watercolour fine art paper.

Specs: warm white, 100% cotton, no optical brighteners.

Test Printing/Proofing

A4 Proofs

$16.00 per A4 proof;
50% of the test print cost is applied as a credit towards your
final print. T’s & C’s apply.

We have two options for A4 proof printing. You can choose either or both, depending on your needs. File setup is complimentary for A4 proofs.

Whole image: your entire image is scaled to fit the printable area of an A4 sheet (approx 267 x 203mm). Useful for checking colour, contrast, saturation etc.
100% crop: a cropped section of your image is printed at 100% (that is, sized to your final print size). Useful for checking resolution/detail at final intended size.

Roll print proofs (strip proofs)

24 x 8” strip: $20.00
Credit towards final prints does not apply –  price is already inclusive of a discount.

Roll print proofs are useful if to test a sections of an image you intend to print at a large scale.
File setup is complimentary for roll print proofs.

Please contact us with details of your final print specifications if you intend to order a roll print proof.