We offer a range of specialist print finishes.

Because we’re committed to the integrity of the art we work with, we take a personalised, craft-focused approach to finishing every piece. Our offerings include hand-deckling (hand-torn edges), precision trimming, specialist protective coatings and customised certificates of authenticity to accompany your limited edition print run.

Deckling and print finishing • Hound & Bone Studio

Artwork: ‘Eucalyptus‘ by Edith Rewa (printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm)



All prints are trimmed to their final size – trimming is included in all print prices. We trim every print by hand with the exact tools required for fine art paper – either a large-format rotary trimmer, or the old-fashioned way: with a steady hand and sharp blade.

Deckled prints
(hand-torn edges)

20% surcharge

Rather than use pre-deckled paper, we opt to craft the outcome ourselves for the best-looking, truly handmade finish. We can deckle prints of any size, you can choose to do all sides or not, and we can even customise the detail to be subtle, or more exaggerated.

Some papers handle deckling better than others, so to achieve that lovely rough edge without getting fluffy, we only use 100% cotton rag stocks. Prints are deckled in from the final print size, so the final piece will be 20–30mm smaller than the sheet size. This allows you to float-mount the print in a frame matching the original sheet size and still see the deckled edge.

Protective Spray

20% surcharge

Protect your prints! This fast-drying spray by Hahnemühle seals the print to resist dirt, fingerprints, fading from UV exposure and moisture (N.b. this does not mean they’re waterproof!).
This coating is one of the best on the market. But we only apply it by request, because it can affect archival life due to its alcohol and acetate content.

We recommend against applying on dense, dark tones.

Certificates of Authenticity

Set up cost, per edition: $25.00
Price per COA: $3.00

Our certificates of authenticity are A6, customised with your details and printed on the same paper as the prints in your edition. Certificates for the entire edition must be printed at once.

We have sample certificates in the studio, and you can see digital mockups here:
COA / COA with Emboss

These prices are based on our certificate template. You can supply your own design – just send it through to us and we’ll give you a quote.

Studio production hours:
By appointment Tuesday to Saturday
(Closed Sunday & Monday)