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Our order form is designed to collect all of the information we need for your print order – it is not a payment gateway/online shop. In some circumstances we may not be able to print exactly what you have in mind (such as in the case of a file with low resolution), so we don’t take payment until we have personally checked your files and assessed them against the size/s you’re wanting to print.

The order process

  1. You fill out the order form and send us your files (methods outlined in the form)
  2. We check your files and set them up for print, if necessary
  3. We’ll send you a confirmation and invoice via email
  4.  Your order is placed in our print queue!
Fine Art Papers • Hound & Bone Studio

Before proceeding to our order form, please ensure you’ve read the following information.

File setup

If you want to set up your files, please ensure they are sized to the print size you want. For example:  for an A4 print, your file should have the physical dimensions of A4  (210 x 297mm). For more detailed information about our requirements, please see our file setup guide.

If your files aren’t set up for print, don’t worry! We’ll do this for you (rates here).

After receiving your order form, we’ll send you some questions about how you’d like your prints to look and then send your proofs within one working day.

File names

Please ensure that the file names you enter here match the names of the files you are sending. If they don’t, it will delay your order. It is immensely helpful if your files have unique names (instead of generic names like ‘IMG_0123.JPG’). When we set up files, we use the following naming convention:

ArtworkName_Size_Paper_Quantity (ie. JanePortrait_A4_PhotoRag_qty3).

You don’t have to follow this exact convention, but submitting files with unique names is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Current turn around times (July until further notice)

Due to high order volume and the additional time involved in packaging & posting all orders, please expect a turn-around time of up to 7 working days (our working days are Monday-Friday, weekends excluded). Turn arounds are also dependent upon on the volume of prints ordered – for orders over 50 prints, allow an extra 3 – 10 working days.

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