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File Setup Guide

File Setup Guide

Preparing your files for fine art printing requires a few simple steps, so we’ve put together some handy information to get you started.  

If you would like to save yourself the trouble, we are always happy to prepare your files for you. Otherwise, forge ahead with the info below!

What is a print-ready file?

A print-ready file requires no changes prior to printing. Primarily, this means it is already sized to your desired print size - but there are also a few other basic steps to follow.

For your file to be considered 'print-ready', it must meet the below conditions.

Print-ready checklist

File type:  TIFF and/or PSD preferred (layers must flattened). We also accept JPG and PNG. No other file types are accepted.

Colourspace:  RGB; can be sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998)

Image dimensions: must be the same as your desired print size, including any border you'd like (eg: if you want an A4 print, your file should be sized to 29.7 x 21cm including any border you’d like).

Bleed: none. Please size your files to their exact finished size - there should be no overbleed in your file.

Resolution: between 180 and 300ppi (pixels per inch). Please avoid resampling your files to increase their resolution - submit them at their native resolution. We have professional software that can aid in safely enlarging images (providing that the source material we are provided with is in a good state). Please leave the file in it's native resolution (that is, resize with the resampling option unchecked) so that we can best assess your options.

Aspect ratio: should match that of your intended print size. This is a useful resource for understanding aspect ratios.

File name: should follow this convention: ArtworkName_PrintSize

Crop marks: your file should have no printers marks/crop marks. If need be, we’ll add a stroke around your image as a trimming guide (to be trimmed off the final print).

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