Fine art reproduction and high resolution scanning

Art reproduction is our speciality. We’re very particular in relation to how we colour balance and prepare files. In other words, we take our time with the process to ensure everything is right and as true to the original as is humanly possible.

We use a scanner specially designed for museums and archives. It is a flatbed scanner that can scan up 25 x 18″ in a single pass. While it has an 18 x 25″ sized flatbed, we also digitise larger artworks (depending on size and medium). These are scanned in sections and digitally stitched together.

Our scanner is a pretty amazing machine – it’s unique lighting setup means we can scan ‘flat’ (with diffused illumination) or in 3D, capturing visible surface texture. As a result, we can scan mediums that are often tricky to scan with conventional scanners, including works on canvas, artworks with varying textures and artworks with reflective qualities. We’re proud of the detail our equipment and expertise allows us to capture, and we’re really excited to show you just what it can do for your artwork!

In some cases, photography may be a better option for art reproduction. We work with a wonderful local photographer and if we think you’ll get a better result through photography, we’ll on pass our pal’s details.

We offer two services: basic scanning and a full fine art reproduction service. We do not offer on-the-spot scanning.

Art reproduction services • Hound & Bone Fine Art Printers

How long does this all take?

Turn around times range from 1 to 3 business days for a basic scan. Art reproduction jobs can take 3 to 10 business days.  However, it depends on the complexity and volume of works you need scanned – for a turn around estimate for your job, drop us a line or give us a buzz on 0432 974 138.

Full service art reproduction

The works. Our art reproduction service results in a print-ready file, including complete colour balancing and retouching.


  • A complete, print-ready master file
  • Your raw scan (no edits)
  • A file library, with files setup in sizes of your choice
  • Creation of web-ready JPEG’s for social media/online use
  • One A4 test print on any paper of your choice.


Basic/raw scan

Includes basic colour balancing, but no retouching or file clean-up. This is an economical option if you’re savvy with Photoshop.

*A1 basic scans are done in two passes. The file will be delivered in two parts and will require digital stitching. We can do this for you for our retouching rates (see below). A1 full service art reproductions automatically include stitching.

Add-on services

Add retouching (for basic scans, or scans done elsewhere)

$80 per hour / $20 per 15 minutes

We remove dust and scratch spots, strip out background texture and make output adjustments. In addition, we can fix imperfections in digital files and perform multi-part file stitching. The list goes on! Get the low-down on our retouching services.