Hound & Bone | Giclee printing (archival pigment printing)

Giclee printing (aka archival pigment printing)

Giclee printing is a printing process that partners pigment inks with fine art papers to produce archival quality prints. Our workhorse is an Epson 9900 and we use Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks and ICC profiles customised to the papers we print on – a selection of our favourite papers from both the Hahnemühle and Canson brands. These three factors (partnered with our knowledge of the many quirks of the 9900!) give us the ability to produce prints with an exceptional colour gamut, so your printed product will have all the tonalities and hues of the original artwork.

We charge the same price for all of the papers we stock, so no matter which paper you choose to print on, the price will remain the same.


 Giclée printing prices

Sheet prints are available up to A2 in size – A1 and A0 are printed from a roll (see the ‘Roll prints’ tab). Each sheet print is individually sleeved in a complimentary polypropylene archival sleeve.

A file preparation fee of $2.50 per file will apply for sheet prints that require preparation/layout prior to print. See our file set-up guide for more information – you can always set up your own files and we’ll happily waive this fee.

Discounts apply for multiple prints from the same file (e.g. 3 prints of the same size, from the same file). For large editions being printed at once (20+ prints of the same size, from the same file), do contact us – we’ll happily prepare a a custom quote/discount based on the volume of works being printed.


Sheet prints

wdt_IDSizeOne print3+ prints5+ prints10+ prints15+ prints
1 A5* $7.50 $7.30 $7.15 $6.75 $6.40
2 A4 $15.00 $14.55 $14.25 $13.50 $12.75
3 A3 $30.00 $29.10 $28.50 $27.00 $25.50
4 A2 $55.00 $53.35 $52.25 $49.50 $46.75

*A5 prints must be purchased in multiples of two

Roll printing gives you the freedom to print your images at custom sizes. Rolls are available in two widths, 61cm (24”) and 112cm (44”), and can be printed as long as you like. This is also a cost effective means of printing multiple images, as you can tile them out onto a long length of paper and have them trimmed to size.

Our roll print pricing includes all layout & trimming labour. We tile out all of your images for you, which allows us to make the most efficient use of the roll width. We also hand-trim each print down to final size. These services are included in the roll print price.

Furthermore, you only pay for the exact amount of paper you need  – we charge roll usage per centimetre rather than in larger, standardised increments. This not only saves you money, but also results in far less paper wastage.


 Roll printing – priced per metre (for custom sizes or full bleed A-series prints)


wdt_IDRoll widthPer centimetre
1 61cm roll $1.40
2 112cm roll $2.25


Common roll print sizes

Discounts are based per artwork.


wdt_IDSizeOne print3+ prints5+ prints10+ prints15+ prints
1 A1 $95.00 $92.15 $90.25 $85.50 $80.75
2 A0 $240.00 $232.80 $228.00 $216.00 $204.00

Test prints

Test prints are advised if you are printing with us for the first time or considering placing an order for a very large print, or a large volume of prints. A test print is also useful if you are concerned about how a particular image’s colour will translate from screen to print.

Test prints are offered as A4 prints for the discounted price of $7.50 and can be printed on any paper of your choice. Additional paper choices can be added for the further discounted fee of $5.00 (with a maximum of three paper choices per test print order).

Should you want to arrange a test print, drop us a line!