Print finishing options

There are a few extra print finishing options to consider when printing with us. One of the most common questions we are asked is if we will trim your prints to their final size, and the answer is yes! Precision trimming can be tricky but we have the right tools in our studio, and a keen eye.  We trim and sleeve every single print that crosses our desk – and this is a free service. However, we also offer some other print finishing options.

We do things by hand wherever possible. This includes trimming – we don’t have a fancy laser trimmer or guillotine. We use a rotary trimmer and trim each print to your exact specifications, which ensures greater quality control. We also perform other print finishing options by hand, namely deckling. Pre-deckled fine art paper is available, but we don’t use it. We believe you get a nicer result by hand deckling prints, so that’s how we do it. It also gives you greater creative control – you can choose to deckle certain sides, or all of them. You can also choose if you’d like a subtle or a more exaggerated deckle.

Print finishing options: deckled prints • Hound & Bone Fine Art Printers

Artwork by Penny Louise Art, printed on Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm.

Edge deckling (hand-torn edges)

15% surcharge per print

We hand-deckle your prints which allows us to deckle prints of any size and provide a true handmade finish. Deckled-edge prints are printed on larger size media and gently torn to final size using a deckling tool. We donate edge scraps to Dodgy Paper, who then turn them into recycled artists paper.

NOTE: Some substrates handling deckling better than others, so we only suggest edge deckling on 100% cotton rag stocks. If you’d like to see a close-up of that lovely rough edge, here you go!

Hahnemühle Protective Spray

15% surcharge per print

A fast-drying spray that seals your prints and helps to protect them from dirt, fingerprints and moisture. This spray increases the water-resistance of prints (though it does not make them waterproof – they’re still paper based, after all!) and protects images from excessive fading caused by UV rays. This coating is one of the best available, but it does still contain alcohol and acetate which can affect the archival life of your prints. This is why we only apply it by request.

NOTE: We do not recommend using this spray on prints that featured dense, dark tones.