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Test Printing

Test Printing

If you’re new to printing or have a new artwork to print for the first time, test printing is a good place to start. A test print will show you exactly how colour, detail and/or resolution are translating from screen to print. If, after test printing, you find that your file needs adjustments, we can help with that too.

For more detailed information and terms, request a copy of our services guide.

Our test printing service is designed to help you check your file quality in print. If you would like to explore our different paper stocks, take a look at our print swatches & sample sets.

Smooth, matte papers:

Textured, matte papers:

Semi-gloss/lustre fine art paper

A4 Test Prints

$16.00 per A4 test print

50% of your test print cost is applied as a credit towards your final print.

A4 test prints are printed on pre-cut A4 sheets (printable area: 20.3 x 26.7cm).
There are two options for A4 proofs. You can choose either or both, depending on your needs:

- Print the whole image: your entire image is scaled to fit the printable area of an A4 sheet, Useful for checking colour, contrast, saturation etc.

- Print a cropped section at 100%: a cropped section of your image is printed at 100% (i.e. actual final print size) onto the printable area of an A4 sheet. This is useful for checking resolution and detail at final intended size.

Roll print proof

24 x 8” strip: $20.00

Credits towards final prints do not apply - the above price is inclusive of a discount.

A proofing option for large scale prints. Roll print proofs allow you to test a section of an image at 100% (i.e. intended print size). They are useful for checking resolution and detail prior to committing to a final, full size print.

If you intend to order a roll print proof, please contact us with a link to your file and specifications of your final print and we’ll advise of the process.

Artwork size (Approx

600ppi (resolution)

1200ppi (resolution)

A4 (and under)












Postal Service



Parcel Post






Artwork size (Approx

600ppi (resolution)

1200ppi (resolution)

A4 (and under)












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