Archival sleeves

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Archival sleeves

Our archival sleeves are super strong, crystal clear and acid-free. Made from polypropylene, a stable, inert material and therefore ideal for long term storage of artwork. To read a little more about why it’s important to use acid free materials for artwork storage, this is a great resource. Polypropylene isn’t the most earth friendly material, so we’ve sourced the best quality sleeves we can find so that they can be reused and repurposed. We’re all about quality over quantity.
Because we strive to avoid single-use items, each sleeve features a resealable adhesive strip. In addition, the bagside adhesive also prevents prints from getting stuck to the adhesive when they’re removed from the sleeve. 

Our archival sleeves are just slightly oversized – they have enough breathing room to fit both your artwork/print and a supportive backing board.

A2 sleeves are only available for purchase if collected from the studio (due to their size). Please contact us to arrange.

Maximum quantities:

The maximum order in any one size is 20 units/two packs of ten per transaction.


Each print ordered with us comes with it’s own complimentary sleeve, additional sleeves are at full price.

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A6, 5 x 7", A5, A4, A3, A2

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