On Jackson Street: ‘Thanks For Having Me’ riso poster

An A3 risograph poster of the front cover of Thanks For Having Me, featuring Carla McRae‘s recognisable illustrations. The poster is printed by Ashley Ronning of Helio Press, who shares our studio in Brunswick.




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An A3 risograph poster of the print cover of Thanks For Having Me, a a photo book by Tatanja Ross of On Jackson Street (who is also responsible for all of the photography featured on our site!)  The book focuses on creative spaces ranging from studios to homes, and everything in between. Featuring artists such as Maddy Young, Carla McRae, Kitiya Palaskas, Spencer Harrison, Beci Orpin and more! You can purchase the book here.


About on Jackson Street:

On Jackson Street is a small business run by freelancer Tatanja Ross. Tatanja is a Tokelauan artist, who was born in Aotearoa and has lived in Australia since her early teenage years. She graduated from RMIT Communication Design in 2014, and has spent the last two years in Naarm building a portfolio of commercial and personal projects with friends and clients alike.

On Jackson Street is a platform for sharing and creating work that can branch from photography, videographer and design through to illustration. Tatanja particularly enjoys working alongside artists, and loves shooting studio interior, portrait photography and artist profile films. She is also passionate about telling Pacific stories, and belongs to the art collective, New Wayfinders; Pasifika/Oceanic people of the diaspora connecting and exploring their cultural identities through art-making and community events. She works to centre and amplify the voices of QTIPOC.

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Dimensions 31 × 1 × 43 mm